Milkweed beetles
Redback Spider

Welcome to Biological Sciences

We are currently accepting applications for an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream position in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  For additional information please view our Employment Section.

In pursuing a detailed knowledge of the natural world, biologists make important contributions to society, including effective management of natural resources, novel technologies and medical techniques, and new insights into social organization. Basic research is essential to this process, as the broad advancement of scientific knowledge is the foundation for truly novel insights.

The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough is the advancement and dissemination of such knowledge, through original research and effective teaching at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Chair: Professor Andrew Mason (on leave) Acting Chair: Professor Greg Vanlerberghe
Associate Chair Research & Graduate Studies: Professor Rene Harrison
Associate Chair Undergraduate Affairs & Technical Staff: Professor Shelley Brunt


Professor Harrison's TEDxUTSC talk is available HERE