Mobile App Development Competition


The deadline for idea submission has passed. Please stay tuned for more AppStar updates...

In response to questions from the AppStar Mixer event, we have some additional information about the competition. Check out these updates below:

If you are still seeking team members, AMACSS has offered AppStar competitors the use of their office window (to the right of the AMACSS door) as a 'job search board'. With this, contestants can find team members by physically posting positions they're seeking for or want to be recruited for.
To create a post, please print out the positions you are recruiting for (or positions you would like to be recruited for) and tape it to the AMACSS's office door (BV308). Please be sure to include your contact email and mention that this posting is for the AppStar Competition. Thanks AMACSS!

AND DON'T FORGET...APRIL 30 is the deadline for idea submissions! Be sure to have your ideas submitted in order to join the contest!


Do you ever find yourself saying "Why isn’t there an app for that"? Do you ever think "I should make an app for that!" Well, here is your chance to put your ideas and talent to the test. And win cash prizes!


Discover the potential behind your idea. Challenge yourself by pitching your app concept to us.


Code your app with help from various workshops and resources.


Compete to win cash prizes of $1000, $2000, even $3000!