Scholarship Conditions

The availability and monetary value of all scholarships are subject to change. UTSC reserves the right to change the value and eligibility criteria for awards without notice.

UTSC Entrance Scholarships are based on the following criteria and conditions:

  • UTSC Entrance scholarships are based on admission.
  • Once attained, the value of your scholarship will not reduced, provided that you continue to satisfy the conditions of your offer.
  • Upgraded marks and marks for courses taken in the summer immediately before your admitted term to the University are not used in the assessment of grade averages for scholarships.
  • Where a course has been repeated, the first grade attained will be used for scholarship calculation.
  • Students must fulfill any other conditions of their offer of admission in order to receive a scholarship.
  • Students must register for the 2017/2018 Fall and Winter Sessions as a full-time student taking at least 2.0 full credits each session, for a total of 4.0 credits at the end of the winter session. A normal full-time course load is 2.5 credits in each of the fall and winter sessions. Students with a documented permanent disability need to maintain a course load of 1.5 credits in each of the fall and winter sessions and will need to self-identify with their counsellor at AccessAbility at the time of course registration. Students who withdraw or substantially reduce their course load without prior approval may be required to repay all or part of the award.
  • Awards are tenable only at UTSC. The scholarship will be credited to your tuition account by the end of October.
  • If you do not register at UTSC or any post-secondary institution in 2017/2018, but would like to register at UTSC in 2017/18, you may request a deferral of our Offer of Admission and scholarship for up to one year.
  • The President’s Scholars of Excellence Program and the U of T Scholars Award will not be combined with any UTSC Entrance scholarship, except the top tier $3,000 renewable award, which will be awarded starting in your second year if you have an admission average of at least 95% and achieve the required GPA while at UTSC. Other U of T Scholarships with a value of more than $10,000 (eg. C. David Naylor and Schulich Leader Scholarships) will not be combined with UTSC Entrance Scholarships.

UTSC $3,000 Renewable Entrance Scholarships are based on the following additional conditions:

  • The scholarship is renewed on the basis that you continuously maintain registration at the University of Toronto Scarborough and achieve a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.70 after first, second and third year of studies.
  • Students need to have completed at least 4.0 credits by the end of the winter session of each year to qualify for renewal of the scholarship. Students with a documented disability will need to complete 3.0 credits by the end of the winter session of each year to qualify for renewal of the scholarship.
  • The award may be renewed up to three consecutive times.