Public Policy

Public Policy

Program Summary

The Public Policy program at U of T Scarborough combines academic learning with practical experience in the public, private, and civil sectors. Students interested in this special branch of Political Science will gain the analytical and methodological skills to understand the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies.

Students aiming to be effective policy-makers and social entrepreneurs will gain an invaluable skill set including critical thinking and communication, designing and executing research projects, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Program Details

Degree Offered: Honours Bachelor of Arts
Offered as Co-op: Yes
Program Options: Major

Program Admissions

Admissions Category: Social Sciences & Humanities
Supplementary Application Form Required: No
Admission Prerequisites: English
Approximate Grade Requirements: Mid 70s (Non Co-op) / Low 80s (Co-op)
OUAC Application Code: TUD (Non Co-op) / TXA (Co-op)

Student Experience

Career Options: Program Tipsheet
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