The Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) is home to eight distinct artistic and scholarly disciplines that allow students to explore a variety of artistic and academic endeavours.

Image of Bayeux Tapestry showing the coronation of Harold

Art History and Visual Culture

Art history at UTSC is a unique program that not only focuses on global and contemporary art, but also provides students with a solid grounding in approaches to visual materials produced across time, cultures, classes, gender and geography. Art history is a fundamentally interdisciplinary subject, and UTSC art history faculty are well placed to collaborate with colleagues in disciplines such as English, Women’s and Gender Studies, African Studies, Global Asian Studies, as well as our colleagues in the ACM Department. 

Banner for Arts Management showing Willem van Haecht's "The Gallery of Cornelis van der Geest"

Arts Management

Arts Management is a field of study within which students develop the knowledge and skills they need to become professionals within the arts and work in galleries, museums, performing arts companies, and many other related areas. 

Curatorial Studies

The Minor in Curatorial Studies provides an introduction to understanding and working with exhibitions, collections, interventions, and texts in diverse communities, within a globalized world.

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Journalism (Joint Program with Centennial College)

Students in Journalism can earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and an Ontario College Advanced Diploma while learning from leading academics and professionals. The program focuses on the critical thinking, research, ethics, writing and communications skills needed to examine the changing issues concerning news media, journalism and society.

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Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures

Media and Journalism present to us much of what we know about the world. Learn how they work in the context of today’s rapidly changing media landscape through UTSC's flexible Major and Minor programs.

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Music & Culture

Music and Culture engages students interested in enriching their knowledge of musical cultures past and present, and deepening their understanding of music as a part of human experience, across historical periods and within different social and cultural contexts. 

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New Media Studies

New Media Studies explores the effects of digital technology on traditional forms of media as well as how new forms of cultural representations are created, consumed, and shared.

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Studio at UTSC is a B.A. program where creative students learn to make visual art and media through hands-on courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, new media, animation, performance art, and interdisciplinary artforms. You will develop a strong mix of technical, theoretical, and critical skills that will enable you to pursue further studies or a career as a professional artist, educator, media producer, professional photographer, animator, illustrator, graphic designer, curator, art critic, art publisher, arts manager, artistic director, or creative entrepreneur.

Theatre & Performance Studies

Theatre and Performance Studies combines the critical study of theatre with hands-on experiential training in flexible Major and Minor programs that take advantage of the diversity of theatrical life in Toronto.