Annette Sanger

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Annette Sanger is an ethnomusicologist specializing in the performing arts of Bali, Indonesia. Two years' fieldwork in Balinese villages, and several other shorter visits, culminated in her Ph.D. (Queen's Belfast, 1986) as well as many articles on music and dance in the context of social life, tourism, ritual, and the broader cultural milieu. Dr. Sanger was an Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and taught Balinese Gamelan at the Queen's University of Belfast. Since coming to Toronto she has continued her teaching, and was also Director of the University Settlement Music & Arts School for ten years. Currently, she teaches a wide range of courses at UTSC and the Faculty of Music (e.g. World Music, Music for the Theatre, Performing Arts of Asia, Music in Islamic Cultures, Music & Healing), and directs the University's Balinese gamelan. She also performs as a member of Gamelan Gong Sabrang, a Javanese gamelan collective based at the Indonesian Consulate in Toronto, and Rat Nadi, a Balinese music quartet. In a volunteer capacity, Dr Sanger is currently President of the Women's Musical Club of Toronto (WMCT), a 116 year old organization that presents concerts of chamber music and provides scholarships to young Canadian musicians.

Research Interests: 

Bali; Indonesia; Music & Society; Religion; Tourism; Gamelan Performance


B.A. (Dartington), Ph.D. (Queen's, Belfast)