The Rock Walk

Rock formation

The Rock Walk imports the geology of Ontario onto the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, enhancing the quality of instruction and overall community experience at UTSC. This landscaped display of the principal rock types found across the province will become an innovative outside laboratory, inspiring students in environmental science courses and fine arts and media studies.

The assembled boulders will be located near the main entrance to the Environmental Science and Chemistry Building. Each will be numbered and a brass plaque will describe the rock type, its age and the location it came from. A central plaque inside the main foyer of the building will show a highly simplified geologic map of Ontario, with the location of each rock type and a chart of geologic time. This will be linked to attractive mineral displays inside the building. The Rock Walk will inspire the wider UTSC community to reflect on Ontario’s ancient past, creating an area to relax and learn. 

A suitable entrance motif for the new Environmental Science and Chemistry Building, The Rock Walk will be a key attraction for visitors. Sign-posted and clearly visible to passersby on Military Trail, the Rock Walk will encourage guests from our surrounding communities to venture onto our beautiful campus. 

Proposed by Professor Nick Eyles, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences and proudly supported by the UTSC 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund.

For additional information about Environmental Science and Chemistry at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please visit the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences website.