Statistics: Student Testimonials

Talah Qamar

Specialist: Statistics - Quantitative Finance Stream

What factors contributed to you choosing your program(s)?

In the beginning , I was unsure what program I wanted to study, so I received counselling from an Academic Advisor to discuss my options. I came to know about the Statistics Program which interested me greatly. Further to this, I researched what it could offer me in terms of future careers and this encouraged me as well. Also, it this area aligns well with my strengths which are math and finance.
Can you describe your program(s)? What is it actually like?

The Statistics program requires one to have a good understanding of math as students must take many core courses in math for this program. He/she will experience how to use stats in real world programs such as statistical programming / data mining programming languages such as: (R, Matlab & SAS). You will take a lot of finance courses, as required by this program, which teaches the individual about interest rate, stocks, call/put options. Overall, this program teaches an individual the basics in math and programming for Stats and focuses in finance and statistical courses. This program is very heavy math and theory based and finance courses require a reasonable understanding of economics. I would not recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t enjoy math/finance courses.

What tips/advice can you provide to students just starting or considering this program(s)?

Tips/Advice: As this is a specialist program one should figure out when to take all the courses as soon as possible due to the fact every course has a prerequisite. So, if someone doesn't plan it out he/she can fall behind a year. Focus on first and second year math courses, as they build the foundation as one continues on to C & D level courses. Instructors expect students to know all the basics as the instructor is aware of the fact that it has been covered already.

What will you do with your degree after graduation? (Future plans?)

In regard to my future plans, I plan on either working in the government or banking sector as a junior financial analyst. Also, after taking multiple finances course I plan on exploring into stock market as a hobby.

What has your academic journey during your time been like as you progress toward graduation?

First Year, I was figuring out how to adjust to university life and what program I wanted to pursue as I continued to excel. During the second year, I started to focus on my A & B level math/finance courses where I developed a basic understanding what my program would teach me and how it could help me in my future endeavors. By third year, I started to focus into deep understanding of my stats/finance program. It was also then that I started looking into the possibility of doing masters and where I would like to work. As, this is my final year I have started to focus more on how I want to use my degree to its full potential and how it can help me pursue my goals in life.