New Media Studies: Student Testimonials

Hamza Khalid

Specialist: New Media Studies

What factors contributed to you choosing your program(s)?

I was always interested in design and had a passion for technology, this program brought together the best of both worlds.
What tips/advice can you provide to students just starting or considering this program(s)?

(1) Don’t give up! You're going to be learning something entirely new to you, it’s going to seem very challenging at first but believe me you will go a long way by putting in some effort and enduring.
(2) Be open and social, University is your opportunity to make friends for life as well as meeting the individuals who will be in your potential fields, be courteous, say “hi” and make a good first impression.
What will you do with your degree after graduation?

My hopes are to go into the advertising industry, maybe work in public relations, I haven't chosen a direct path yet but I know that a lot of opportunities open up after you graduate.
What has your academic journey during your time been like as you progress toward graduation?

Adjusting to the university lifestyle isn't something that comes easily for everyone. My marks weren't the best in my early years but I realized around my third year that even though I wasn't doing so well, I was learning how to learn and manage my time, now I can confidently say that I am doing well and am on my way to graduating.