Management & Accounting: Student Testimonials

Mei Mei Fiona Yeung

Specialist: Management (General) planning to switch to Management (Accounting)

What factors contributed to you choosing your program(s)?

I want to get into the Accounting field.
Can you describe your program(s)? What is it actually like?
There is a competitive and heavy workload; but it is not as bad if you actually enjoy what you are learning.  There are lots of opportunities to get involved.
What tips/advice can you provide to students just starting or considering this program(s)?

Ask for help when you need it, if you ignore a problem, you might not even remember the problem if you leave it to the last minute.  Be prepared! (Sometimes it is better to read textbook other times it is better to focus more on assigned problems.)

What will you do with your degree after graduation? (Future plans?)

I plan to get my CPA designation and work related to Accounting.

What has your academic journey during your time been like as you progress toward graduation?

  1. The material is pretty easy, put some effort in and you would receive a good grade.
  2. There is harder material but  it can be really fun and it connects to foundation materials in first year