Before Get Started

Before attending Get Started, consider familiarizing yourself with the following resources:

Resource Description
UTSC Course Calendar Your go-to resource about degrees, programs and courses at UTSC.
UTSC Course Timetable Use this tool to look up your courses to create your schedule.
Registrar’s Guide A quick reference to academic and financial deadlines you are responsible for as a student at UTSC.
ACORN Demo Learn how to use ACORN by watching this video tutorial.
Course Planner Ready to choose your courses? Use this resource to walk through simple steps for planning your first-year courses.
Program Options at UTSC 2016-2017 Want to figure out which program(s) to study at UTSC? Use this tip sheet with the Course Planner for planning your programs and courses.
Get Started Quiz Try going through this quiz to prepare yourself for the day at Get Started. Don’t worry if you get any questions wrong, we will provide further information at Get Started!