Classical Studies: Student Testimonials

Christine Bhagwandat

Major: : Women’s & Gender Studies
Minors: Classical Studies & Anthropology

What factors contributed to you choosing your program(s)?
I've always liked classics but my high school classics teacher really drove it home for me. He was so passionate about the subject and really made the material fun to learn.
Can you describe your program(s)? What is it actually like?
My program involves a lot of history. The intro courses were fairly easy for me because I knew most of that stuff since I used to research on my own and had just came from grade 12 classics.
What tips/advice can you provide to students just starting or considering this program(s)?
Keep up with readings as best you can. Start your essays early because some of mine had to be 8-11 pages. Always ask questions to confirm what you're not sure about.
What will you do with your degree after graduation? (Future plans?)

Become a teacher.
What has your academic journey during your time been like as you progress toward graduation?
First year was great. Meeting new people, becoming familiar with the utsc courses. Second year. I was more comfortable with university campus and courses. Third year. It became a little more difficult because the course material was more in depth and the reading became a lot heavier. Of course every year I tried to keep up with the readings but it was quite difficult. If you have a part-time job, be sure to make time for homework and studying. Once you fall behind, depending on the course, it is very hard to catch up.