Career Platform and Other Online Learning

Career Platform (Coming Soon!)

The AA&CC has partnered with a Texas-based company, the Career Platform, to offer you a set of 15 eLearning mini-courses on career development. Everything we know about career success tells us that the kinds of topics covered by these mini-courses are the skills you need to develop to be successful in your career life, whether you are going to work immediately after your studies at UTSC, or whether you will pursue some additional education before entering the world of work.

The topics of these 15 eLearning mini-courses include, among others:

  • Personal assessment and goals
  • Communication etiquette
  • Personal brand
  • Networking
  • Job search strategy
  • Employer expectations

Create your account using your email here:

In addition, the Career Platform has a job board aggregator that you may find useful. It is not a University of Toronto job board, so we do not endorse any positions posted there.

Other Online Learning

Have you heard of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs? They are courses that you can take online, generally at no cost unless you want a certificate proving you completed it, which you can use to build your skill sets.

Skills you can learn through MOOCs include:

  • computer programming and data analysis
  • business management and entrepreneurship
  • art, poetry and music

and more!

See the following pages for more information about MOOCs:

University Affairs article on MOOCs
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Some of the largest providers of MOOCs are:

Class Central