After Get Started

After you have attended Get Started, consider using the following resources:

Resource Description
UTSC Course Calendar Your go-to resource about degrees, programs and courses at UTSC.
UTSC Course Timetable Use this tool to look up your courses to create your schedule.
Registrar’s Guide A quick reference to academic and financial deadlines you are responsible for as a student at UTSC.
ACORN Demo Learn how to use ACORN by watching this video tutorial.
Course Planner Ready to choose your courses? Use this resource to walk through simple steps for planning your first-year courses.
Program Options at UTSC 2016-2017 Want to figure out which program(s) to study at UTSC? Use this tip sheet with the Course Planner for planning your programs and courses.
Get Started Quiz Try going through this quiz to prepare yourself for the day at Get Started. Don’t worry if you get any questions wrong, we will provide further information at Get Started!
Presentations from Get Started
Course Selection Modules Online video information about your degree, program and course selection. A great refresher of the course selection information taught at Get Started!
Partnering to Support Your Student What can parents/families do to support the transition of students to UTSC? This presentation is by the AA&CC for parents and guests to answer this question.
Money Matters Trying to figure out what expenses are associated with starting school at UTSC? This presentation, by the Registrar’s Office, provides information to parents and guests on university expenses and how to pay for them.
Additional Supports for Course Selection
Course Selection Blitz On a first- come, first serve basis after you have attended Get Started, you are able to get additional, follow up support from Get Started Coaches regarding your course selection.
Online Chat Sessions Unable to be on campus for additional support? Connect with our Academic & Learning Strategists through our online chats to get your questions answered
Supports to Get Ahead for September
Academic & Career Advising Syllabus This tool serves as an outline of the steps you should be taking for academic and career success at UTSC and beyond!
Prep Yourself Workshops An opportunity to take part in workshops available to help with time management, reading, note-taking, test-taking BEFORE you begin classes in the fall. Don’t forget to sign up on CLN!
Study Skills Resources Here are further services available to help with your time management, reading, note-taking, test-taking and more.
Math Resources Is math or statistics an area that you think you need extra support in? Check this out for a list of the services available to support your success at UTSC!