Academic & Study Skills Workshops

Study Skills Success Certificate Program

Want to take your time management and study skills to the next level? The Study Skills Success Certificate Program will help you explore strategies such as time management, test preparation and taking effective lecture notes.

How to participate:

  • Pick up your stamp card at the Academic Advising & Career Centre (AC213).
  • Attend 4 Study Skills workshops (check the calendar for dates and sign up on the intranet). You will receive a signature and stamp at each workshop (stamps will not be provided at a later date).  
  • When you’ve received 4 stamps, submit your card to the Academic Advising & Career Centre.
  • Once your attendance has been confirmed, you will receive a certificate and be entered into a draw for a prize.
  • Note: All study skills workshops are eligible for the Study Skills Success Certificate

For more information, contact us at or visit the AA&CC.

Study Skills Workshop Series

Do you feel like your time management skills could use some improvement? Worried that your study skills are weak? Tired of cramming for exams and still not getting the marks you want? It's time to get into academic shape! Attend our workshop series designed to focus on your weak areas and capitalize on your strengths.  

The series consists of the following workshops (sign-up on the intranet for each individual session):

You do not have to attend all sessions. Attending the Learning & Study Strategy Inventory (LASSI) can help you determine which area(s) you really need to focus on.


Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) to Meet University Expectations

The workshop encourages collaborative learning and represents a holistic approach to academic integrity. We will talk about learning communities and introduce you to academic expectations in a university setting, talk about intellectual property, writing skills, time management and motivation strategies and provide more information on the academic code. Join us for this hands-on workshop, which has been put together by facilitators from a number of UTSC departments.

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Choosing Your Program

Trying to choose your program(s) of study or thinking about changing your program(s)? Wondering about career opportunities associated with various programs? If so, this workshop is for you. You will learn more about: the programs available at UTSC, appropriate program combinations, limited vs. unlimited programs, the 12-distinct credit rule, and much more. This workshop is also designed to help you to identify your interests and determine how they relate to UTSC programs. Additionally, you will be able to examine the relationship between these programs and career opportunities. Be sure to check out the Choosing Your Program Month activities as well for additional events and resources to help you in making a great program choice!

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Communicating with Your Professors

Have questions for your professors?  Not sure how to approach them?  Come and experience different interactive scenarios and learn the skills to help you to connect with your professors.  These interactions may include:  email etiquette, mentorship questions, course-related or personal situations.  You will have the opportunity to practice in a mock setting. 

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Exam Preparation & Exam Writing - How to Ace Your Finals!

Need help acing your finals? This workshop will help you to develop techniques to improve your performance in multiple choice questions and essay exams. It will also cover techniques in learning to manage exam stress and anxiety.

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Extreme Time Management

Learn how to be in control of your time. Using practical exercises, this workshop will teach you how to put together a daily schedule that works for you. Participants will learn how to plan for busy periods in the academic year and adapt their schedules accordingly.

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Get Motivated! Strategies for Discipline & Study Habits

Does school sometimes feel like a mountain that is difficult to climb? You know you have to do the work, but just can’t get motivated? Attend this workshop for study strategies to help get you moving forward. Improve study habits and discipline, and tap into your own resiliency. Get tips on motivation and resiliency that you can implement right away!

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Going from B to an A

Do you want to boost your grades from B’s to A’s, but you’re not sure how? Attend this seminar and learn the time management and study skill secrets of straight A students. Learn how to create an autopilot schedule, develop an efficient review system and make tests and exams a (relatively) stress-free experience.

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Improve How You Learn

This workshop will help you examine how you learn. It will assist you in discovering your preferred "learning style", which is how you tend to take in, organize, and make sense of information. Different learning styles adapt better to some study techniques than others. The session will assist you in identifying study strategies that best suit your learning style. Understanding how you learn will help you have more productive study time and hopefully better grades!

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Learning & Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

Want to learn about the 10 effective study skills of highly effective university students? The LASSI is designed to assess your use of study strategies and your attitudes toward learning. If you want to refine your study skills and improve your GPA, this interactive workshop is for you.  You will complete the LASSI assessment online prior to the workshop (instructions on how to complete the assessment will be emailed to you after registering).  During this workshop, you will use your assessment results to identify gaps in your current study habits and generate personal study strategies and goals to help you improve your academic performance.

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Mastering Multiple Choice Tests & Exams

Do you get nervous thinking about an upcoming multiple choice exam? Attend this workshop and learn how MCQ test questions are constructed and improve your exam performance. We will also cover techniques in managing exam anxiety.

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Memory & Concentration

Do you spend a lot of time on your lecture notes and readings, but find that you cannot remember the material? Having trouble staying focused on your studying? Come to this workshop to enhance both your concentration and memory. Specific strategies and memory techniques will be discussed to assist you in developing the skills you need to make improvements in these areas and increase your academic success.

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Midterm Preparation: Multiple-Choice & Essay Type Exams

This session will teach participants how to develop an exam guide based on their course materials. Tailoring study strategies based on the test format and self-testing techniques will be covered. Several test formats will be discussed including multiple choice, problem solving, and essay type questions.

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Effective Notetaking Strategies

Effective notetaking skills are central to successful knowledge retention and exam preparation. This workshop will explore and demonstrate three different note-taking techniques that can be learned and applied right away.

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Smart Reading Strategies

We will discuss strategies that will help you get more out of your readings. Skimming, scanning and close reading will be discussed.

Effective reading of course materials can lead to better integration with lecture materials which can result in better retention. Better retention leads to good performance on tests and exams and better grades!

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Stop Procrastinating

Do you put things off? Do you have a difficult time with keeping to your goals? Do you sabotage your schedule by procrastinating? Plan to attend this workshop to learn how to effectively respond to those distractions. Learn the importance of self-discipline and how to plan more realistic schedules and get things done.
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